In a school full of surprises, 2E kids find unique ways to thrive.

June 13, 2017, Phoenix, Arizona – Few books of realistic fiction feature characters who are “twice-exceptional” (2E), which means both gifted and learning disabled. A new youth novel, BACKGROUND NOISE: A NOVEL ABOUT TWICE-EXCEPTIONALITY, is a story of kids struggling to learn despite their high intelligence, who learn to thrive in a specialized setting.

Author Susan Larsen Krause wrote BACKGROUND NOISE in response to frequent pleas from parents in Facebook communities asking for appropriate books for their gifted and 2E children. She also wanted to share the experience of her son before and after being identified as 2E in 7th grade, after he began to fail classes and became severely depressed and withdrawn.

“Parents of gifted and 2E kids are forever searching for books that capture the needs and interests of this unique group of readers. I wanted to write a story committed to portraying the real-life experiences and successes of these extraordinary kids, who are often discouraged and abandoned in the education system.”

The main character, 12-year-old Jeremy, is misunderstood by everyone, even his own parents. After a fire destroys his home – a fire that Jeremy accidentally started – he is more depressed and isolated than ever. Everything he knows is gone, including his dad, who leaves the night of the fire. With his failures in tow, Jeremy starts over at a school for 2E children, where he has his first glance at kids who are like him. He is also introduced to the sport of Parkour, where his true potential begins to shine.

Jeremy experiences the frustration of being different in ways that deplete his confidence and reinforce stereotypes of kids with learning disorders. When given an opportunity to experience an educational environment customized to his strengths, Jeremy excels at Parkour and develops strategies and talents that turn him from a lost kid to a change-maker.

“This is a story of children who have extraordinary capabilities, yet are trapped inside their minds. They have begun circling down this funnel of failure because they are misunderstood in a world that doesn’t think the way they think or teach how they learn. It’s critical they find ways to manage their twice-exceptionality, communicate with others and build relationships. Some may be accessing their gifts for the first time,” Krause said.

Krause is mom to two 2E boys. She moderates a Facebook group devoted to discussing and sharing books about and for gifted and twice-exceptional children. BACKGROUND NOISE: A NOVEL ABOUT TWICE-EXCEPTIONALITY is available at Visit to follow her blog and find book recommendations for gifted/2E readers.

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