Were you a kid who wasn’t like the other kids? Were your best friends librarians? Did books give you a sense of belonging and inspire your imagination? Do they still?

Do your “different” kids find comfort and community in books?

Kids with disabilities of all kinds face unique challenges in everything they do. Books that reflect their experiences and show characters with disabilities help expand the world of mentally and physically disabled children. Gifted children face similar challenges – being on the outside looking in at a world that doesn’t understand them.

The mission of Background Noise Books is to help parents and educators find great books that are about, for and by kids with disabilities and/or giftedness. We’re searching for resources, blogs, writers, reviewers — anyone and anything that can bring to light books that feature characters our special kids can relate to.

Thanks for being here. You’ll find understanding in this community, because we know that our kids are remarkable. They should see themselves that way, too, in life as well as books.

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In the likely event you cannot find a bookseller or librarian attuned to the unique needs of our young readers, Background Noise Books invites you to join our book chats over on Facebook. Where else could you get the company of others who love books, and have kids who love books. And have kids who write books!

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Youth Novel Explores Challenges and Triumphs of Twice-Exceptional and Gifted Children

Few books of realistic fiction feature characters who are “twice-exceptional” (2E), which means both gifted and learning disabled. A new youth novel, BACKGROUND NOISE: A NOVEL ABOUT TWICE-EXCEPTIONALITY, is a story of kids who struggle to learn despite their high intelligence.

“Parents of gifted and 2E kids are forever searching for books that capture the needs and interests of this unique group of readers. I wanted to write a story committed to portraying the real-life experiences and successes of these extraordinary kids, who are often discouraged and abandoned in the education system.”

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