Bethany Enslin

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Master Olfon has a secret: he’s found the magical staff of Jorlic, an object of incredible power. Only by finding the body of Jorlic will the staff transfer the full extent of its power to the new possessor. Master Olfon chooses his brightest student, Alcana, to accompany him on a long, treacherous journey to find Jorlic’s body. Alcana has her own mission: to discover the terrible fate of her brother. Battling grotesque and terrifying monsters, they discover new allies as they travel and save the life of someone who is very important. The Staff of Jorlic is an exciting fantasy adventure for all ages.


At the age of seven, Bethany Enslin discovered her love of fantasy and action. At age ten, she wrote The Staff of Jorlic. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, video games and playing her violin. She lives in Summerville, South Carolina with her mom, dad, sister, dog, snake, parakeet and frog.   She is currently working on her next novel.