Spot: A Sea Pup's Survival Guide

Laura Knight
Hardcover - Ages 3 - 7

Spot is a sea lion that gets tangled in trash at sea and is rescued by people. The book is illustrated, but also combines underwater ocean photography and science facts to support a thoroughly 'kid friendly' and engaging story line.

All children have an inborn desire to learn about the world around them, as they figure out the relationship between themselves and their surroundings. Many gifted children, being natural learners, have a tendency to become highly focused on certain areas of interests/topics (e.g. animals, bugs, space, etc.).

Author Laura Knight, designated gifted as child, used her personal insight and classroom experiences to create a unique book for children that have a fascination with the ocean and marine life. Recognizing children with strong language skills and strong creative thinking traits, she wrote a book to incite children to have conversations with their parents about pollution and it's impact on the environment. The back of the book includes activity lessons to guide children in making connections and to think of ways that they can help.


The art of storytelling has always been a passion of mine, hoping to inspire children to 'be your best' through heroic and unforgettable characters. I am also a surfer living in California, thus having the affinity to protect our ocean.

Growing up, I attended a Science Magnet Elementary School. The school curriculum exposed me to topics within Earth and Life Science.

This book was created to share my passion for animals & the environment. When I am not writing, I am a freelance graphic artist for popular toy brands.

Twitter:  @kidslitclub