Kimberlee Anne King

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I wrote this book to inspire parents to begin to look at themselves and how they can become better people not only for their children but for themselves.

The greatest change I have seen in my own children and my client’s children is when the parent shifts a perspective or does their own growth work. I want parents to understand that parenting is a journey towards self-awareness and personal growth—not about how successful their children are.

Today more than ever parents’ identities are wrapped up in their children’s status and success. Parents need to be responsible for their own identity. Children are modeling their parents, not their words. Our children, no matter their circumstance (e.g. gifted, chronically ill, neurotypical, developmentally delayed, or twice exceptional), are our greatest teachers in life. We cannot fix our children or eliminate chaos in life, however, we can stop our own suffering.

My desire is for readers of “Parenting is Hard. Suffering is Optional.” to feel relieved to know they are not alone in their struggle to master one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. Parenting is a unique challenge faced by an enormous percentage of the population, yet all parents privately struggle to be the parent they really want to be. Parents will laugh and cry along with me as I share my ​humorous and heart-wrenching journey​ ​to discovering the key to becoming a better parent: Work on yourself and your children will follow.


I am twice-exceptional and work as a parent coach, educational consultant, lecturer, author and mentor. I am currently working on my PhD in transpersonal psychology and alternative therapies. My most important credential is that I am the parent of 4 children and 3 stepchildren. Most of them are twice-exceptional.

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