Olivia Connects:
A Guide to Modes of Communication

Written by Melissa-Sue John, Ph.D. & Alyssa Simone
Illustrated by Lionel Emabat

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Olivia Connects: A Guide to Modes of Communication was written by a mother and her older daughter. Olivia Connects teaches children about the different ways people communicate. The main character, Olivia Lauren, is based on the first author’s younger daughter. Olivia Lauren and her friends discuss different communication styles such as verbal vs. nonverbal and written vs. spoken. They also explore ancient and contemporary modes of communicating from smoke signals to video chat. After reading this book, children will increase their vocabulary, grow in curiosity about various communication styles, and enhance their understanding of other types of communication used by those who are legally blind or have cerebral palsy.  We recommend this book for children aged 6 to 12.

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About the Authors

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Alyssa Simone was born in New York but now lives in Connecticut where she enjoys writing stories, drawing, acting, and modeling. She is a smart, confident, talented teen with great work ethic. She also runs track and plays the violin. Follow @alyssasimonej

Olivia Lauren is a 9-year-old, actor, model, and author. She is a passionate student who loves Science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). This summer she read a book every day and helped her mother review them for their family business called Lauren Simone Publishing House. Follow on Instagram @olivialaurenj

Lionel Emabat considers drawing as more than just a hobby or a gift. For him, it is a lifestyle. Lionel is now a college graduate with B.A. in Digital Design and Illustration. Follow @leo_t22

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Melissa-Sue John, Ph.D. is a Jamaican born, psychology professor, mother of Alyssa Simone and Olivia Lauren, wife, author, and independent publisher of children’s literature. She is on a mission to create fun, educational, and diverse children’s literature, coauthored with young writers and illustrated by young illustrators. Dr. John is a graduate of the University of Connecticut. Her area of expertise is social psychology, where she conducts research on social categories such as gender, race, and nationality. She cares deeply about academic achievement, STEM, and social issues. She is currently working on a grant with her collaborators developing an engineering curriculum for pre-k schools.  Follow @laurensimonepubs


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