Harrison Szutu and Tom Szutu

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Written by 10 y/o Harrison who has always been a gifted reader. However, his writing skill was extremely poor. This 2-year project began as a way for his dad to encourage Harrison to develop his writing skills.

The book is something like Ninja Turtles meets Star Wars, but takes place on Wall Street, with Captain Underpants-style humour. This hilarious children's book is about four heroic mice that live in the sewers under Wall Street.

The mice are taught the ancient ways of the Chi Energy Force by their teacher, Grandmaster Greenspan. The characters and the stories in the book are intended to entertain young readers with fun adventure tales while they learn the concept of money, how banking and financial systems work, interest rates, and the role of a central banker. It may also inspire readers to learn more about the historic events, facts and people introduced in the book. Children will enjoy learning with humour and new vocabulary while parents will appreciate the wide range of ideas and topics covered

Buy this book on Amazon - Softcover or Kindle

When Harrison was in Gr. 1, he was already reading at a Gr. 6 level. But his writing skills were extremely poor. When he did write, it was usually just a few words. Sometimes he would stare blankly at a piece of paper not knowing what to write or how to get started.

At eight-years-old, Harrison began to tell his dad, Tom, bedtime stories about a band of heroic ninja mice. Tom encouraged him to write out the scenes and draw the images he had in his head to encourage and motivate Harrison to develop his writing skills.

The next day, Harrison would write out these scenes. Harrison taped scrap pieces of paper together to make his own "book." To further encourage Harrison to keep at it, his dad jokingly said to him, "if you write enough, we could turn this into a real book and publish it!"

Ninja Mice of Wall Street is a good choice for younger advanced readers. This is Harrison's first book.