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All Kids Should See Themselves in Books.

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As you know, kids with learning disabilities can be hard to identify and it’s even harder to acquire special ed services. Learning disordered and disabled kids are often left out of the experiences that non-disabled kids enjoy, including literature. I published BACKGROUND NOISE: A NOVEL ABOUT TWICE-EXCEPTIONALITY independently after seeing so many parents on Facebook searching for books that reflect the real experiences of their kids and books that are appropriate for their reading levels.

As I dug in deeper I learned that many parents are writing their own books, and children are, too! If we all work together, we can draw more awareness of the struggles of gifted, learning disabled and physically disabled children and their families. Awareness is the foundation of any movement for change. Change is the goal, so that our kids are given the same opportunity as other kids.

This is not a business and I’m not charging for this. I ask only that in return you help drive traffic to in any way you can.

I’m offering a page on my website dedicated to your book and social media support.

Here is what I need to set you up:

  1.  150-200 word description of the story and how it is an appropriate choice for our readers. Please write the description yourself rather than sending a link to the sales page or website. Be sure to include the type of disability or challenge the book addresses and the recommended reading age.
  2. Your bio with photo.
  3. Cover art and a few illustrations (if illustrated.)
  4. Link where your book can be purchased.
  5. If you use a website or social media to promote your book send those along too, so I can tag you.
That’s it! After I receive your materials, I’ll get it set up within a few days and send you a link to approve.

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