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It’s a challenge to find books that evoke the real life experiences of twice-exceptional, gifted and disabled kids. The books listed here reflect the insight of parents, educators and children who work through these obstacles every day. Please support these writers and encourage other authors to add their titles.

Background Noise: A Novel About Twice-Exceptionality
Susan Krause
Fiction / Ages 8 and up + parents/educators

Jeremy knows he isn’t like other 12-year-old boys, but he doesn’t know why. Even his parents don’t understand him. Failing at making friends. Failing at school. Failing at doing anything normal twelve-year-old boys do. His biggest failure of all? Jeremy accidentally starts a fire that destroys his house. His dad is so disappointed in Jeremy that he leaves. For good.

In a school for 2E kids, Parkour is an unexpected catalyst for learning, making friends and managing anxiety that comes with being “different.”


Olivia Connects: A Guide to Modes of Communication
By Melissa-Sue John, Ph.D. & Alyssa Simone
Illustrated by Lionel Emabat

Olivia teaches children about the different ways people communicate, such as nonverbal, verbal, written and even smoke signals. Helps young ones understand how other types of communication used by those who have disabilities such as blindness or cerebral palsy.


Being Bree #1:
Bree and the Nametag Worries
Christine Laforet
Ages 5-7

Bree is a gifted girl with a big imagination that sometimes makes her worries take control. On her first day of school, Bree is overwhelmed by her anxiety and fears she will never make a friend. Coping techniques to the rescue!


Dozy Poems, Cozy Days
Poems to Calm the Active Child
Written by Raven Howell
Illustrated by Maris Howell

A collection of 28 poems invokes a cozy, safe space for children of all ages, focusing on the young elementary ages. Written to address calming and focus issues for the autism, ADD and ADHD community.


Magical Mischief: A Custom Coloring Book
Maria Oglesby
Young Children

A coloring book featuring coloring pages made from your child’s pictures, encouraging and engaging young children in art and imagination.


Parenting is hard

Parenting is Hard. Suffering is Optional 
Kimberlee Anne King
Non-Fiction / Adult

Humorous and heart-wrenching journey​ ​to discovering the key to becoming a better parent: Work on yourself and your children will follow.


Spot: A Sea Pup’s Survival Guide
Laura Knight
Fiction / Ages 3 – 7

The story of a sea lion that gets tangled in trash at sea and is rescued by people. The book is illustrated, but also combines underwater ocean photography and science facts to support a thoroughly ‘kid friendly’ and engaging story line.


NMWS front cover

Ninja Mice of Wall Street
Harrison Szutu
Fiction /Grade level 3+

This hilarious children’s book about 4 heroic mice that live in the sewers under Wall Street teaches the concept of money, banking and financial systems.


We Tried Normal
Dr. Melanie Hayes
Adult Non-Fiction

Stories of families with 2E children introduce the challenges they face every day trying to fit into the 2E world. Dr. Melanie Hays, founder of Big Minds Unschool for 2E children.


Anatomy of Autism
Diego M. Peña

9-year-old Diego Peña, a nonverbal autistic, is an advocate for autism acceptance and awareness. Anatomy of Autism is an insightful guide to communication and understanding of autism.


The Staff of Jorlic
Bethany Anne Enslin
Fiction / All ages

A fantasy adventure with a powerful and magical staff  and the treacherous journey to retrieve it. Secrets are revealed, monsters are battled and heroism saves the day.