A Facebook Group Devoted to Books for Kids with Special Needs


Kids who are gifted, twice-exceptional and disabled have unique needs for reading. Background Noise Books invites you to join a Facebook group for sharing and reviewing books appropriate for this selective audience. Where else could you get benefits like these?

Connect with others searching for appropriate reading for their 2E/gifted/disabled readers.

Book Suggestions Every Day We’re always on the lookout for new titles)

Problem-Solving  Is this book right for my child? Any suggestions for kids who love armadillos? How can I get my child to stop reading?

Opinions We’re not short on those

Chit chat and camaraderie You’re not alone in the quest for good and appropriate books.

New books  Authors share their books about gifted/2E/disabled kids.

No meanies allowed This is not an attack forum. This is judgement-free community. We talk about books.

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