Kimberlee Anne King

Kimberlee Anne King knows the challenges of twice-exceptionality from the inside out. She is a 2E herself, raising seven children, several of whom are twice-exceptional. Her work addresses the tendency of parents to neglect their own self-care with a comforting mantra:  Work on yourself and your children will follow.

“Today more than ever parents’ identities are wrapped up in their children’s status and success. Parents need to be responsible for their own identity. “

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Melissa-Sue John crop

Melissa-Sue John, Ph.D.

Melissa-Sue is an author, publisher, mom, professor and STEM innovator. Through family-owned Lauren Simone Publishing, authors of all ages write, illustrate and publish their own works about diversity, including disabled children. Melissa-Sue’s book series for young children follows her daughter, Olivia, as she learns life skills all kids need to experience.

“We have characters with blindness, deafness, cerebral palsy, and wheel chair bound interacting with abled children.”

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Christine Laforet

Parents of gifted and learning disabled kids understand that anxiety and worry can shut out learning. The first day of school tops the list of anxiety producing events in kids prone to worry. Christine’s new series follows a gifted girl through the challenges of being herself and being different.

“By teaching phonemic awareness skills and using repetition, children gain confidence when reading which makes the transition to more complex texts less intimidating.” 

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diego 3 resize

Diego Peña

The words, experiences, and insights of children are just as true and powerful as their adult counterparts. You’ll learn more from this 9-year-old non-verbal autistic author than you’ve ever known about autism.

“My ideal audience is anyone who is lost in the world of judgment.”

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Raven bio MC website

Raven Howell

Meet Raven, a children’s poet and illustrator who uses her books as a way to contribute to causes close to her heart.

“I feel blessed being able to incorporate charity work with each one of my first three poetry picture books, donating proceeds from their sales to Autism Speaks, KaBoom! and the ASPCA and local animal shelters respectively.”

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Lisa B. Diamond

Book-obsessed. Librarian. Kidlit author. Adult author. Book Bowl Guru. Diversified teacher.

“I give with my skills, my time, my heart, my soul.  I am glad to do so.”

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